11. december: Valdemar F. Henriques

Valdemar Fini Henriques (1867-1940)

Foto: Valdemar Fini Henriques

Henriques was a Danish composer and violinist who was very popular throughout his career. He wrote mostly for his own instrument: the violin, but wrote also for vocal music and piano music. He composed pieces for chamber orchestras, symphonies and ballets.


Dukkens vuggevise (The doll’s cradle) is one of 20 songs from the collection: “The Picture Book, Twenty Pictures of the Children’s Life told by the old and the young”. Henrique composed the work in year 1900, which was gathered in three volumes.







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Henriques, Fini (Valdemar), DK, 1867 – 1940

a- Den ille soldat b- Sommerfuglen [Musikkopptak] : Side 2: a- Bolden , b- Dukkens vuggevise , c- Den lille Jokey

UK : The Grammophon CO., LTD. – 1 78 plate, dobbelsidig : 78 rpm ; 25 cm

Henriques, Fini: klaver

Besetning: klaver

Edisjonsnummer: “His Master’s Voice” : X.4733 (red gold)

Medforf.: Henriques, Fini