12. december: Nikolai K. Medtner

Nikolai Karlovich Medtner (1880-1951)

Medtner wrote a significant number of compositions, all of which include the piano. His published works consist of fourteen piano sonatas, three piano concerts, a series of violin works – including three sonatas, a piano quintet, works for two pianos, as well as many shorter piano pieces and 108 songs. 

Medtner’s own recordings exemplify best his music from the early years. 

The recordings that have been recorded by HMV and Columbia, as well as some unpublished, are today available on CD. 

Butterfly is the third song of 7 Poems, Op. 28 published in 1915. Current recordings date from 1931. The text is by the Russian poet Afanasy Afanasyevich Bold (1820-1892).










78000322 (2)
BKN 73752907
Medtner, Nikolaj Karlovitsj (Metner), SU, 1879/80 – 1951
Butterfly, op 28, nr 3 / Medtner ; Feth. – : Polydor. – På 1 78 plate, dobbelsidig : 78 rpm ; 12″
Inneholder også på side 1 a: Spanish Romance, op. 52, nr. 5 / Metner ; Butterfly, op 28, nr 3 /Medtner.
Slosooskaya, Oda, sopran. Metner [sic, Medtner], Nicolas, klaver
Besetning: sopran og klaver
Språk i tekst/lydspor: Russisk
Edisjonsnummer: HMV : 1 – DB 6565 – G (Red)