Liza Lehmann (1862-1918)

Foto: Liza Lehmann


Rene Bull: illustrasjon fra "The Arabian Nights" (1917)

Liza Lehmann was an English singer (soprano) and composer especially known for her songs. In 1885, she began her career as an opera singer at St. James's Hall. Later she sang in the most prestigious concert halls in England until 1894. After this period, she began composing music. She has composed several song collections where the most famous is “In a Persian Garden” for vocal quartet and accompaniment from 1896.

She has also composed music for the comedy “Sergeant Brue” in 1904 and 2 operas: “The Vicar of Wakefield” in 1906, and “Everyman” in 1916. She has also written children’s songs. In 1911, she became the first president of The Society of Women Composers.





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Lehmann, Liza (Elizabetha Nina Mary Frederika), GB, 1862 - 1918
Song-Cycle: "In a Persian Garden" [Musikkopptak] : Ah! moon of my delight / Lehmann. - Calcuta : The Grammophone CO. LTD. Calcuta. - 1 dobbelsidig 78 plate : 78 rpm ; 31 cm
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Eisdell, Hubert: tenor . Madame Adami: klaver . Liza Lehmann: dir.
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