Theodor Leschetizky, (Teodor Leszetycki) , (1830-1915)

Foto: Teodor Leszetycki

Leschetizky was a Polish composer, pianist and teacher who, with Franz Liszt, was one of the most influential teacher of piano of his time. He studied with Carl Czerny in Vienna. In 1852 he went in to St. Petersburg where he worked as a pianist and teacher. From 1878 he worked as a teacher in Vienna. As one of the greatest pianists in the romantic era, his approach to the printed note was characterized by great freedom. As a teacher he displayed a thorough understanding of the music, the sound technology and, above all, the beauty of the notes. Leschetizky composed over one hundred characteristic piano pieces, two operas: "Brüder von San Marco" and "Erste Falte", and thirteen songs.

"Les deux alouettes" (Two Larks) is one of Leschetsky's most famous works. This composision is the first from "Impromptus" Opus 2. And it is recorded from a 1906 Welte-Mignon piano roll.






BKN: 73752777
Leschetizky, Theodor, PO, 1830 - 1915
Die beiden Lerchen [Musikkopptak] / Leschetisky. - : Odeon. - På en dobbeltsidig 78-plate : 78 rpm. ; 25 cm
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Leschetisky, Theodor: Klaver
Besetning: klaver
Edisjonsnummer: Odeon O-4753 Serie "Maister des Instrumentes"
Medforf.: Leschetizky, Theodor