20. december: Virgilio Ranzato

Virgilio Ranzato, (1882-1937)

Virgilio Ranzato, 1882-1937, was an Italian composer and conductor of the twentieth century. Virgilio Ranzato began his career as a violinist at the conservatories in Venice and Milan, where he also studied music composition. He worked most of the time as chamber musician and conductor, but after 1900 he devoted his time to composition.  After his studies, he started his career as a violinist and held concerts in Hungary and Austria. Ranzato played first fiolin in the orchestra of La Scala under the direction of Arturo Toscanini, who was touring in North America. Ranzato composed about 70 pieces for violin: the opera Campagne di Guerra (1933) and a number of operas, including two of the most popular in Italy Il paese dei campanelli (1929) and Cin Ci La (1926).

“Berceuse” means cradlesong in French and is an popular genre in the romantic period. Composers like Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Stravinsky all wrote pieces in this genre. Cradlesongs have always existed in countries all over the world, and many of them are still sung through the centuries



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Ranzato, Virgilio, IT, 1883 – 1937
Berceuse [Musikkopptak] / Ranzato. – Milano : Compagnie Francaise du Gramophone. – På 1 78-plate, dobbeltsidig ; 25 cm
Inneholder også på side A: Adagio della Suonata Patetica /Beethoven.
Ranzato, Virgilio: violin .
Besetning: Violin og klaver
Edisjonsnummer: Gramophone Concert Record V.*97909
Fiolin: Ranzato, Virgilio