24. december: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1876 -1948)

Foto: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (born Ermanno Wolf) (1876 -1948) was an Italian composer and teacher. He is best known for his comic operas like Il Segreto di Susanna (1909). A number of his works are based of off Carlo Goldonis’s theather pieces, including Le donne curiose (1903), Quatro Rusteghi (1906) and Il Campiello (1936).

In addition to his operas, Wolf-Ferrari wrote a number of instrumental works. His violin concert has been played on a regular basis. His repertoire also includes the Idillio concert hall, chamber music, including a piano quintet and two piano trios, three violin sonatas and a number of pieces written for the organ.

From “Die vier Grobiane”, 1906

In Quatro Rusteghi (The Four Curmudgeons, The Four Ruffians, in Edward J. Dent’s Translation School for Fathers) is a comic opera in three acts, music by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari to a libretto by Luigi Sugana and Giuseppe Pizzolato based on Carlo Goldoni’s 18th century play in Rusteghi.

The opera was first produced under the name Die Vier Grobiane in German at Hoftheater in Munich on March 19, 1906. The first performance in Italian was in June 2, 1914, by Teatro Lirico in Milan, with the conductor Ettore Panizza. The work was first performed in the United States at the New York City Opera on October 19, 1951 with Laszlo Halasz as conductor. This opera is one of Wolf-Ferrari’s most successful works, and it is still regularly listed.



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Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno (Wolf), IT, 1876 – 1948
Intermezzo from “Die Vier Grobiane” / Wolf-Ferrari. – : The Decca Record Co. Ltd.. – På 1 dobbeltsidig 78-plate : 78 rpm ; 30 cm
Originaltittel: Die Vier Croblane
Inneholder også på side B: Overture fra “Susanas Geheimnis” .
The Tonhalle Orchestra, Zürich , Wolf-Ferrari: dirigent
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Besetning: Orkester
Edisjonsnummer: Decca K.1872
Medforf.: Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno