6. december: Edward German

Sir Edward German (1862-1936)

Foto: Edward German

Sir Edward German was an English composer, famous for his insidental music, including Shakespeare’s plays. He also composed operas, operettas, symphonies, orchestral music, choral music, chamber and piano music, and he worked as a conductor at The Globe Theater in London.

Joos van Cleve (1485-1541) : Henry VIII


In 1892 German composed the music to Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, a production of Herny Ivring for the Lyceum Theater in London. German’s music became popular and the overture of this play is still being played in concert halls all over the world.






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German, Edward, Sir (Jones, Edward German), GB, 1862 – 1936
Henry VIII Dances [Musikkopptak] : Side (A) : Shephard’s Dance , Side (B) : Morris & Tourch Dance / German. – UK : The Gramophon Co, Ltd.. – På 1 dobbelsidig 78-plate : 78 rpm ; 30cm
German. Edward : dirigent. The Symphony Orchestra
Edisjonsnummer: His Master’s Voice D 186