8. december: Jean Françaix

Jean René Désiré Françaix, (1912-1997)

Jean René Désiré Françaix was a French composer and pianist who, through his neoclassical style, conveys the clarity of the traditional gallian spirit.
Françaix was a talented child and only 9 years old when he started composing music. Later he studied at the Paris Conservatory and studied under Nadia Boulanger. Piano Concertino (1932) is known as an important piece, and shows how he distinguishes his unique style from other compositions.



78000374 (1-2)
BKN: 73752979
Françaix, Jean (René Désiré), fr, 1912 – 1997
Concertino für klavier und Orchester / Jean Françaix. – CH : Telefunken. – På en dobbelsidig 78-plater : 78 rpm ; 30 cm
Originaltittel: Concertino
Innhold: Plate 1:Side A:1- Presto leggiero , 2- Lento Side B: 3- Allegretto (trio) , 4- Allegretto vivo (rondo)
Françaix, Jean : klaver
Philharmonischen Orchester Berlin
Borchard, Leo
Klaver konsert
Besetning: Klaver med orkester
Edisjonsnummer: Telefunken E2175