9. december: Enrique Granados

Enrique Granados, (1867-1916)

Granados was a composer and pianist, and often referred to as the leader of the movement against nationalism in Spanish music from the late 1800s. Granados debuted as a pianist when he was only 16 years old. He studied composition in Barcelona and continued the studies until 1887, then as a performing pianist. He returned to Barcelona in 1889 and established himself as a pianist. In this city he composed 12 Danzas Españolas, who were well received. The first of his seven operas, María del Carmen, was produced in 1898. In 1900 Granados founded a classical concert association and a piano school, which graduated several prominent musicians. His interest in the 18th century music is reflected in Tonadillas, a work written in “old style.” His masterpiece, Goyescas (1911-13) reflects on Francisco de Goya’s paintings. This work was adapted to an opera that premiered in New York in 1916. When he came home from this performance, Granados drowned when a German submarine attacked his ship, Sussex.




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Granados, Enrique (y Campiña), ES, 1867 – 1916
Spanischer Tanz Nr. 5 [Andaluza] [Musikkopptak] / Granados. – : Odeon. – På en dobbelsidig 78-plate : 78 rpm. ; 25 cm
Komposisjonsår: 1892-1900
Inneholder også : Die beiden Lerchen / Leschetizky.
Granados, Enrique, klaver
Besetning: klaver
Edisjonsnummer: Odeon O-4753 Serie “Maister des Instrumentes”
Medforf.: Granados, Enrique