Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound
Bjergsted Terrasse 5a
4007 Stavanger

Phone +47 958 98 067

Bjarne Kvadsheim

Phone:(+47) 958 98 067

Bjarne Kvadsheim is responsible for the daily operations of the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound, the organization of collaborations with other institutions and representing the Institute and its interests.

Per Dahl
Professional musicologist and in-house researcher


Per Dahl is a musicologist at the University of Stavanger, with offices at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound. He also holds a position as an academic consultant at the Institute and is responsible for much of the Institute's educational programs. In addition, he assists with musical expertise related to the management of the collection.

Patricio Portell,
Music librarian


The music librarian is responsible for the organizing and cataloging the collections, promoting the use of the collection through exhibitions and lectures, assisting patrons of the Institute and answering questions from the public.

Jean K. Maroun
Transfer Engineer

Jean Maroun is an experienced audio engineer with a background in musicology (B.A.) and popular music studies (M.A.). Since late 2016, he has been working part-time for the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound as a transfer engineer being in charge of managing technical metadata and digitizing the Institute’s record and tape collections.