We have a variety of dissemination services for all ages. At the Norwegian Institute for Recorded Sound you can learn about music from the 20th century, the history of sound recordings, attend lectures and explore our collection. We have over 120,000 LP records that can be seen and listened to, as well as a large selection of old audio equipment from the 20th century. 

For schools

The Institute offers lectures and tours for school classes from elementary school up to upper secondary school, based on recordings found in our collections.

For groups

The diversity of the collection at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound makes it a great source of many exciting presentations and speeches. We customize programs for companies, organizations, clubs and other groups. The lectures vary in length from 45 minutes to over 2 hours and can be adapted to special requests.

For individuals

Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound is open every weekday for visits, but in addition we have events for those who want to learn more about music and recordings. On our own or in collaboration with other parties, we can offer exhibitions, listening courses and other special events.