For individuals

Per Dahl holder lyttekurs

It is possible to extend the pleasure of listening to music through participating in a listening course. These courses are made available for all music lovers, even those with no musical background. The sessions are held at the premises of the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in Bjergsted Terrasse 5, with Per Dahl as the lecturer.

The courses are based on the main series of Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. The course runs over six nights over the entire season and the subject of each night is based on one of the works performed the following Thursday by presenting the composer, style, and possible approaches to the works.

The courses are a collaboration between Rogaland Musikkråd, the University of Stavanger, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound. In connection with the courses Rogaland Musikkråd hosts a concert tour to a European European music city or music festival every semester.