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How to capture sound

The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound provides lectures in the history of sound recording. The main coordinator for the program is Per Dahl and Patricio Portell, who has developed a program where students will see, hear and try the old formats for audio recording and playback.

During 45 minutes, students will, among other things, listen to music examples and hear the differences in different recording techniques from wax rolls to present day digital systems. They will have demonstrated different playback equipment from the old wind up gramophone phonograph through old tape decks up to the modern digital music. And they will be able to experience one of Europe's largest music collections of historical records and other recordings. Per Dahl and Patricio Portell will present and demonstrate the equipment.

The visit starts with the students gathering in the auditorium at the Institute. Here, we will give a simple introduction to sound recording history, with listening examples.

Students will also learn about the various "listening attitudes" and we will illustrate the development of sound recording over the centuries through original playback equipment

The lesson can be linked to both the schools' work with technology, music, history and social studies. (How music has become a common property of our time.)

Maximum number of students per visit: 15