The Krogh collection

The Krogh collection at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound consists mainly of symphonic music and chamber music. There are also a number of operas in the collection. The bulk consists of works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel, Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Schubert. A number of other composers are also represented. The Krogh collection also contains records provided by Kurt Narvesen, who was married to Christian Krogh's sister, Birgit Krogh-Nielsen. The collection came to the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in December 2006 after it was given to Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo in 2002 by Inger B. Krogh.


Christian Krogh

Christian Krogh was born 16 March 1952, and was a lifetime resident of Oslo. His interest in music was evident already at elementary school, and he was a member of the Ila School Band where he played the clarinet for many years and followed the band on the road at home and abroad.

After graduating high school, Christian Krogh studied philosophy, history, German and pedagogy. All the time with music as an accompanying interest. A parallel to his interest for music was his interest in nature. He was constantly hiking, skiing and rock climbing. He also heavily involved in environmental issues.

Christian Krogh's interest in vinyl records started early at home. On holidays in Europe, he often purchased special recordings, and for a period, the concentration of Schubert and Haydn were very strong, so the same work is represented by many different recordings in the collection. Even Beethoven was a primary concern, including the Eroica symphony-represented in 18 different interpretations.

After a long illness Christian Krogh died 14 March 1995.