The Østbye collection

The Østby collection at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound is a record collection by Rolf Østbye. It was given to the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in March 2007 by Cecilia Elizabeth Jensen and Arne Jensen. The collection consists mainly of opera and choir records, but there are also some instrumental music, and thus bears the character of the collector's vocational work.

Rolf Østbye

Rolf Østbye was born 16 December 1918. He studied piano with Erling Westh and Nils Larsen and organ with Arild Sandvold in Oslo. Then he studied musicology in Freiburg in Germany, before he debut as accompanist in Oslo in 1940. From the same time, he worked at the Music Conservatory in Oslo as accompanist and later as répétiteur for the opera class at the Conservatory. He also worked as a conductor, and in 1947 he became the organist at St. Olav's Cathedral in Oslo.

Rolf Østbye was a central figure in the Norwegian Opera history, and workes as répétiteur at the Norwegian Opera from its inception in 1958. From 1970 he was Senior répétiteur and in charge of the study program for voice soloists. He worked at the Opera until his retirement in 1985.

Rolf Østbye died 14 December 1993.