Lyttekurs 2019

Er du interessert i å forsterke musikkopplevelsen enda mer, er det mulig å melde seg på lyttekurs med Per Dahl. Kurset er lagt til rette […]

25. December Gledelig Jul!

Today we present a very special record of Christmas music. It is one of the first discs recorded in Norway by Pathéfon between 1905 and […]

24. december: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1876 -1948) Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (born Ermanno Wolf) (1876 -1948) was an Italian composer and teacher. He is best known for his comic operas […]

The collection of recorded music and associated items is one of the largest private collections of its kind in the world. The collection currently contains more than 120,000 LP records, 50,000 78 rpm records, 10,000 audio reel tapes, 5,000 video and music cassettes, 5,000 books on music, record catalogues and periodicals, as well as extensive equipment for playing and copying of recordings.



The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound is adjacent to the Bjergsted park, a 5-minute walk from the city center. Either along the pier or through idyllic old Stavanger.