Pablo de Sarasate

Pablo de Sarasate, in full Pablo Martin Melitón De Sarasate Y Navascuéz, (born March 10, 1844, Pamplona, Spain—died Sept. 20, 1908, Biarritz, France), celebrated Spanish violin virtuoso and composer.

Beginning his violin studies at the age of five, Sarasate gave his first performance at age eight and later studied at the Paris Conservatory. In 1859 he began the concert tours that made him famous throughout the world. His playing was particularly admired for sweetness and purity of tone, perfect intonation, and a flawless technique that appeared effortless. Many prominent composers, including Camille Saint-Saëns, Max Bruch, Édouard Lalo, and Antonín Dvořák, wrote pieces for him. Sarasate is also known as a composer of virtuoso violin music, his most popular work being Zigeunerweisen (1878), a fantasy in gypsy style for violin and orchestra.

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The present 78-record is a recording transferred from a wax-roll of c.1904. At the end of each side, that is at the end of the music and after a pause, the record company recorded a pitch which is the note a’. If the disc is heard at 78 rpm, the normal speed of a disc of the time, the note will be very high (462mhz) in comparison to our modern intonation (440 mhz) and not the same as when Sarasate recorded his musical piece (London 1900: 439 mhz). Our sound technician managed to calibrate the sound correctly so that we can appreciate the original recording at the proper speed and intonation. The violin sound is warmer and the interpretation of Sarate’s music helps us to understand how he interpreted his composition. It should be noted that it is a sound document of extreme importance, since it lets us hear and appreciate the violin playing of the second half of the nineteenth century.


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Sarasate (y Navascuéz), Pablo de (Martín Melitón), ES, 1844 – 1908
Zigeunerweisen Op. 20 / Sarasate.
His master’s voice : E 329
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1 78-record, 2 sides : 78 rpm ; 25 cm.
1904Published in: 1878
Sarasate, Pablo: violin with piano acc.
Violin: Sarasate (y Navascuéz), Pablo de