We have collected links to other organizations and institutions related to our fields, useful web sites on music and sound, and databases that the public has access to at the University of Stavanger. Do you have suggestions for other sites to which we should have a link, please let us know


Useful Sites

Treatment of audiovisual material

National Film and Sound Archive (AU)
Records and any other audio material need special care. The Preservation and Technical Services Branch of National Film and Sound Archive in Australia (previously named ScreenSound) has prepared good guides for your personal audiovisual material.

Formats and resources (GB)
A good site created by Richard Hess, dealing with different formats and sound carriers and how they are best restored.

Guide to 78s and early Lps (GB)
The English Center CHARM (Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music) has published a guide on how to treat 78-records.


At the University of Stavanger you can get access to a variety of subscription databases related to our field.

Rilmikon ekstern lenke
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature is a music bibliography covering both popular and classical music. A wide range of media types are included in the base, the earliest introductions are from 1835.

Oxford History of Western Musicikon ekstern lenke
Digital edition of Richard Taruskins recognized five volume work on Western classical music. Widely illustrated, and with 1800 musical examples.

Oxford Music Onlineikon ekstern lenke
(subscription necessary) Includes Grove Music Online and full-text editions of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Opera, and Jazz. The Oxford Dictionary of Music and Oxford Companion to Music in full text.

Naxos Music Libraryikon ekstern lenke
Sound database containing nearly 34 000 CDs (over 484 000 tracks) that can be listened to directly (streaming). In addition to Naxos records, the database gives access to CD's from BIS, Bridge Records, Chandos, CPO, Hänssler Classic, Wergo and others

Opera in Videoikon ekstern lenke
This database contains approximately 150 videos with footage from opera performances, interviews and documentary material.


Related Institutions

National music collections

Nasjonalbiblioteketikon ekstern lenke (NO)
The Norwegian National Library has the largest music collection in the country, in part at the Norwegian music collection in Oslo and in part at the Norwegian music archive in Mo i Rana.

  • Musikksamlingen ved Nasjonalbiblioteketikon ekstern lenke
    You can find more information about the music collection at the library webpage. Read more
  • Bauerikon ekstern lenke
    BAUER database is a catalog of opera records from the period 1903-1955 ('78 format) contained in the Bauer-Mueller collection at the Norwegian sound archive. The collection includes both Norwegian and foreign releases. Most of these recordings are also available as audio tapes at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound.


  • Nordiskoikon ekstern lenke
    The Norwegian national discography of recordings released in Norway. This has not been updated since January 2010. For newer releases, you can search in BIBSYS
  • Read more| To the database


  • Jazzbasenikon ekstern lenke
    The Jazz base is a historical jazz base about jazz in Norway. You can find information about jazz recordings with Norwegian musicians from 1905 up till today. In addition there are biographies, historical overviews, photographs, sound clips and a collection of links to musicians, record companies and the like.


  • Sangindexikon ekstern lenke
    A database of Norwegian songs where you can search the titles and first lines in the first verse and chorus, copywriters, editors, translators and composers of shows and songs, mainly after 1983, but also with older material


  • Nornoterikon ekstern lenke
    Bibliography of sheet music that have been published in Norway, mainly after 1981, but also material back to the 1850-60s



The British Library Sound Archiveikon ekstern lenke (GB)
The British Library is the UK national library. The Library's sound archive holds over a million sound carriers, and the catalog is available online.

  • Archival Sound Recordingsikon ekstern lenke
    Around 20,000 of the recordings in the British library are also available online for everyone through this site. For users connected to British educational institutions, around 45,000 recordings are available online through this service.

The National Library of Australiaikon ekstern lenke (AU)
The Australian national library

  • Music Australiaikon ekstern lenke
    Music Australia is an online service developed by the Australian National Library in cooperation with, among others, the National Film and Sound Archive. Here you can access, and get information about, Australian music, musicians, organizations and services. This site provides access to various types of media, such as sheet music, sound recordings, web pages and other material.

National Film and Sound Archivesikon ekstern lenke (AU)
National Film and Sound Archive is Australia's national archive of audio-visual material.

Library and Archives Canadaikon ekstern lenke (CA)
Library and Archives Canada is the association of the Canadian National Library and the Canadian national archives.

  • Music and Performing Artsikon ekstern lenke
    The music collection of the Library and Archives Canada, which include The Virtual Gramophone, a web service dedicated to early music recordings from Canada with information, biographies, images and sound recordings.

Libraries, archives and museums

Kirsten Flagstad museetikon ekstern lenke (NO)
The museum in memory of Kirsten Flagstad is located in Hamar and was opened in 1985 at Kirsten Flagstad's 90th birthday.

Bergen Offentlige Bibliotekikon ekstern lenke (NO)
The public library in Bergen. Parts of the Dørumsgaards collections that didn't end up at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound ended up in Bergen, including his books on Asian poetry.

Griegsamlingenikon ekstern lenke
If the library has a collection devoted to the composer Edvard Grieg, where you can also listen to some of his compositions.

Sølvbergetikon ekstern lenke
The Public Library of Stavanger

  • The music and film library
    The music and film collection at the Stavanger Library has a collection of 35,000 CD / LP - 20,000 sheet music and books - 5000 DVDs - and 35 music magazines and hundreds of fanzines. The library has about 300,000 visitors each year, and has a close cooperation with Stavanger's film and music milieu. The library organises concerts, lectures, film quiz, and class visits. They also publish a blog with film and music recommandations.
  • Rogalydikon ekstern lenke
    Rogalyd is a wiki for the music in Rogaland.

Cultural institutions

Sølvberget, Stavanger Cultural Centrer
Sølvberget, Stavanger Cultural Centre houses a diversity of cultural organisations, from the Stavanger Library, the literature festival Kapittel, a cinema, the Norwegian Children's Museum and the Children's Culture Workshop

Stavanger Concert Hall
Stavanger Concert Hall is located by the Bjergsted park and has a broad spectrum of cultural expressions with a variety of concerts and performances.

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
SSO is based in Stavanger Concert Hall in Bjergsted Park. The orchestra is active with regular subscription concerts in Stavanger, concerts around the county of Rogaland and elsewhere in the country. The orchestra has two conductors to manage the artistic responsibility, Steven Sloane is chief conductor and Fabio Biondi is the artistic director of the orchestra's commitment to early music.

Stavanger culture school
Stavanger culture school is located by the Bjergsted park, but some of the lessons take place on the schools around the city

UiS - The Faculty of Performing Arts
The Faculty of Performing Arts at the University of Stavanger has its roots in a classic conservatory tradition, but has in recent years also developed courses in jazz and dance. About 180 full-time students are associated with the institute, from Bachelor programmes to further education and masters programmes.

Rogaland Council of Music
Rogaland Musikkråd's main task is to be a common point of contact and a liaison body for the county's music scene, including through contacts with public authorities at all levels.

Norges Musikkorpsforbund Rogaland
The Norwegian Band Federation is the association for bands in Norway.

MaiJazz is considered one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in Norway and is held annually in early May.

International Chamber Music Festival
The International Chamber Music Festival takes place every year in August. Artistic leadership is Martin Fröst and Christian Ihle Hadland.

The Great Norwegian Humour Festival
The Great Norwegian Humour Festival aims to organize an annual international comedy festival on a high artistic level in Stavanger. The Festival was established on 1 April 1992 and is held every year. The Great Norwegian Humour Festival is the largest comedy festival in Norway and the only festival of performing arts in Stavanger.